Well, not that far…yet.

Pioneer Press reports

“After three unsatisfying attempts to keep him in their rotation, the Twins sent the former rookie sensation to Class AAA Rochester on Friday, in hopes he returns a more polished pitcher.”

“Now he understands what it’s going to take for him to get back out on the mound and make it back to the major leagues,” Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said Friday, shortly after informing the left-hander of the team’s decision. “. . . Now he understands he really has to go down there and work.”

Yeah he hasn’t looked good…or even average. The slider that used to be so nasty has no snap to it, and even if it does the batter doesn’t have to swing – since it’s a foot and a half outside.

No Santana to help him out has to hurt.

No Hunter either. Twinkies in the meantime are in a bit of trouble, the only positive of which is that the AL Central has been much weaker than expected so far.

Probably some pissed off fantasy owners out there. We all knew he was a risk, but this is insanity.

Update: Pretty sweet compilation article detailing Liriano’s pitching mechanics this year. It’s all worth reading but here’s the moneymaker shot (2007 on left, 2008 on right):