The Chicago Tribune reports the Chicago Bulls are dealing with a lawsuit regarding Benny the Bull giving an atomic U2-blasting high-five.

“Dr. Don Kalant Sr. alleged he was sitting near courtside on Feb. 12 when he raised his arm to get a high-five from Barry Anderson, who portrays the exuberant mascot in a bright red fuzzy costume.
But Kalant, an oral surgeon, may now wish he had settled for a fist-bump instead.
Instead of merely slapping Kalant’s palm, Anderson grabbed his arm as he fell forward, hyperextending Kalant’s arm and rupturing his biceps muscle, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.”

Man that’s nothing. A friend of mine got trichinosis from the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug mascot and all he got was a free hotdog (undercooked). He also claims John Travolta is a part of this global Banana Slug trichinosis conspiracy.