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Cubs Buy Glass Arm Rich Harden

Rich Harden traded to the Cubs..:as someone who has owned Harden parts of the last three years…let me be the first to show you the Rich Harden Injury Timeline®™

Now you know.

Frank Thomas Rejoins A’s, Threatens to Eat John Gibbons Face

Big Hurt Frank Thomas has rejoined the A’s

Thomas Ready to Take On Gibbons
Thomas Intends To Hurt You All

This is a pretty predictable move. Thomas certainly fits into Beane’s scheme whereby no player should be allowed to play unless they resemble someone who cleans up the stadium for minimum wage after the game is finished. Interesting the trade happens between a pair of Moneyball players – Beane and Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi, formerly the Director of Player Personnel for Beane’s A’s.

Thomas was given 2 years and $18 million to play for Toronto and initial reports were that the Blue Jays bought out the last $8 million. A’s sign him for around $500k with bonus clauses.

I think Thomas has a pretty legitimate beef with Toronto. I mean, he’s slumping sure, but he lead or was near the lead of Toronto’s offense all of last year – playing 155 games and hitting 26 jacks with a .377 OBP. He also played in 155 games. There seems to be a lot of talk about Thomas and his lack of durability, but I’m not really sure where any of this is coming from. Thomas has missed the majority of only 3 seasons in his 19 years in the bigs. Granted those years are ’01, ’04 and ’05, but I don’t think many doubt that he still wants to play (for those too lazy to read the entire article, this was the reason Thomas left Toronto).

Besides, who on Toronto doesn’t want to club Gibbons to death? Excuse me, Mr. Thomas? Shea Hillenbrand and Ted Lilly on line 2. They want to talk to you about Gibbons’ imminent death.

Hanging Curves-

  • I love Toronto players and how they rally all around Gibbons every time. “This is for the best,” “I think it’s in everyone’s best interest,” “It’s about improving the team.”
  • Replacement DH for Toronto? In the first game it’s Robinzon Diaz…that’s right RobinZon Diaz. The Z is for in zero major league at bats.