This year’s Hanging Curve Noose Award is looking more and more like Barry Zito every day. Yeah, yeah, I can’t imagine Barry will stay in the pen for very long. San Fran’s rotation isn’t deep, although Sanchez has performed admirably as a #3 starter, compiling 36 strikeouts in 28 innings. Zito has to be headed back though.

My theory is that management wants to send a “message” to Zito. This is pretty stupid considering Zito’s general lack of passion for anything, coupled with the fact that he can at any point call on his uncle Patrick Duffy for a new career in show-biz. No way Giants leave $126 million out there as a long reliever regardless of how much of a hittable Jamie Moyer he is turning into.

Fearless prediction: Zito ends season with at least 2 victories.

Read the full article or just stare deeply into the eyes of the new Fox police-comedy-action-drama duo. “D to the Z” stars Patrick Duffy and Barry Zito as two Wisconsin Park Rangers faced with a terrible choice; to serve, or be served.

Whatever that means, you’ll be sure to get a face-full of B and Z as they punch, kick, bite and throw low 80’s fastballs at a heart-pounding pace that will keep you on the edge of your division!

D to the Z coming at you!!