Yahoo always does such a great job of picking up mainstream baseball articles that really effect the game. They picked up a Los Angeles Times article:

“New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi has banned candy and ice cream in an effort to create a more healthy diet.

Furthermore, the Journal News of Westchester County reported that the Yankees asked opposing teams to remove the offending items from the visitors’ clubhouse before the team arrives.

In Tampa Bay, the candy was replaced with nuts, dried fruit and granola…”

Man the press are all over the Yanks this year. There’s Joba-gate, and A-Rod refusing to high-five teammates except when required by court order. Someone (THC) should mention how Kennedy happens to be 0-2 with a 9.64 ERA and WHIP that has a guy at least rounding second every inning. Hughes is 0-3/7.85/1.96. That’s pretty godawful.

You expect Giambi to just quit eating bag after bag of Moonpies to solve this problem?

Babe Ruth smoked, swilled beer, ate hot dogs and shit on the pitching mound!!!